Saturday, July 24, 2010

Newcastle 13/14: Tactic and summer signing

Here we go... another season with Newcastle. Despite last season, i really regret that im do not do so well as manager but this season, im will stronger than before...

For this season, im already done many cheap, young and talent signing. I wish i will build team like Arsenal FC in real life. Hope is best options.

Here is list player come in and out from my team:

My best signing player for FREE transfer:

Defour,28 years old
Guys, looks his mental att. Good command in midfield and im, personally believe he will be good signing for my team. Actually, i sign him due to lacks good midfielder last season. He will replace Kevin Nolan and Joey Barton for this season.Kevin Nolan already old and released.

Aiden,28 years old
A good left winger that i wish so much. Dribbling skill high and its really good for JO, my goal machine.

Young and Talented player signing:

Zigoni,22 years old
i hope i will fend replacement for Gignac but this player, i still did not know how to rate him. Its still early days. Hope him do well as 2rd and 3th striker.

Neymar, 21 years old
I think this player will replace Gignac.

Full squad status:

My tactic:

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

EPL 12/13: Failure

Hi football manager fans,
I do not need to talk too much. Im totally fail with this season. Not much point i want to say at this time. Now i just waiting for another season and hope. Hope i will fight back to grip as champion.

Another point, i fail to make my team formation balance in terms attacking and defending. Although my attacking look OK, my defending method is not good enough. May be, for summer transfer, i want to find another defender center and also defender left.

My big dream also hopeless due Real Madrid sign my best player on field, Gignac, 24 mill transfer move on January transfer. and i face big problem from there. I do not have goal machine anymore. So sad...
For next season, i still want follow my commitment as previous post.

Yeah..big dream start now...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Newcastle 12/13 : 4-1-3-2 formation

Good day guys...

New season as Champion start.

Refer my last post, i already stated that i not spend more than 10 mill transfer budget. So here, summer transfer for my team, player go in and transfer out from Newscatle. I still same. Im boss for my team. 2 free transfer, both i sign from Benfica and Chelsea, which is already have experienced in football world, Saviola and Ballack. For me, i sign them as back-up if first eleven player injury. and now, very interesting signing is Wayne Brigde and Rafeal Van de Vart. Both of them i only spend for 9.5 mill.( not more than 10 mill) But behind progressing to sign Wayne Bridge, i have little bit story how i lose to sign Asley Cole from Chealsea due to Man City. How can i bet them with 12.5 mill instead Chelsea already accepted only 4.5 mill? Man City, Your ridiculous. ha3

As new season, Im also made new tactic which is change formation. Before this, i never use this tactic. Look attacking style but if u see all my player, this is best formation for my team right now. As manager, im responsible to lose title and im glad to try new method formation. For this tactic, DM most important position and its depend how my wonder kid, Costa to handle pressure.

Not good start for this season.....

Friday, July 16, 2010

Newcastle do the double!

hi guys...

Finally, i win EPL. Yeah.... its honor to me and my management staff. Thanks to all my player.
Although, i got little bit problem such as injury and suspended. i still win EPL. Do not forget to Man City. Special thanks because that team draw last game of season and my team, Newscatle win at end of endurance. Its hard to believe that i win double, EPL and League Cup.

4-2-4 formation

Yeah.. I know all FM fans like this tactic. I think 4-2-4 formation is the best tactic for FM 10.

In order to make my game@career more interesting, i decide to make some rules in my game: 1) i cant buy player more than 5 mill 2) i cant spend more than 10 mill from transfer budget 3) Every season, i must use different tactic 4) and also i will not use current tactic (4-2-4 formation)

Monday, July 12, 2010

League Cup Winner

Hi everybody,

My team, Newcastle still maintain winning position and already break club record: do not loss 18 games.Sound great!! Im also totally glad with Jo and Gignac performance. Total goals score by both of them is 46 and can you imagine how effective them with my team?

Despite winning performance, im also have little bit curious with Jonas. Can i trust for next season? His ability to score goal and make assist for this moment i cant comment because he already play so well for position AML.If not, i also have Urby for support him. Sometimes, when player becomes older, that player not longer valuable for transfer market and of course i need money to rebuild my team.

Any suggestion for Jonas?

Another story about Affaley. I play him for AMR. Not score to much but i feel i like him. i know affaley is playmaker but for this season,i hope i still stick with 4-2-4 formation. Another season, i might think i wanna change formation.

erm.. My team already win League Cup for this season.Yeah!! and bad news lost 5th round FA cup to Liverpool.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Newcastle 11/12 half season

hi guys..

Whatever problem comes, i still play FM. Yup, of course i like to play game especially FM although my laptop always hang. arggh... why lol?

Forget about that, now... January transfer 2011/12 for Newscastle.

So, here i want to say no transfer need. No money No talk. Hey.. dont able wanna buy my player lol... ha3.. Some player like Micah Richard most wanted for my team. 21 mill bid...oh no... i reject that bid from Lyon.

Now, my team standing no 4 in league.Look so stable right now. If i lucky, i wanna be champion this season. i cant wait anymore...

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Season 2011/2011

Hi guys, here i want admit that i need major transfer with my team. Need tireless midfield and striker that can score every game.

Transfer budget: 29 mill

Transfer in:

1) Andre-Pierre Gignac
2) Jo
3) Jose Costa
4) Jelle Van Damme
5) Urby Emanuelson

Transfer out:
1) Tim Krul
2) Danny Gutrie
3) Kavenga Lua Lua
4) Ben Tozer

Im sorry to say that i do not write detail about any transfer this season. What can i say that i satisfied with my team right now..