Saturday, July 24, 2010

Newcastle 13/14: Tactic and summer signing

Here we go... another season with Newcastle. Despite last season, i really regret that im do not do so well as manager but this season, im will stronger than before...

For this season, im already done many cheap, young and talent signing. I wish i will build team like Arsenal FC in real life. Hope is best options.

Here is list player come in and out from my team:

My best signing player for FREE transfer:

Defour,28 years old
Guys, looks his mental att. Good command in midfield and im, personally believe he will be good signing for my team. Actually, i sign him due to lacks good midfielder last season. He will replace Kevin Nolan and Joey Barton for this season.Kevin Nolan already old and released.

Aiden,28 years old
A good left winger that i wish so much. Dribbling skill high and its really good for JO, my goal machine.

Young and Talented player signing:

Zigoni,22 years old
i hope i will fend replacement for Gignac but this player, i still did not know how to rate him. Its still early days. Hope him do well as 2rd and 3th striker.

Neymar, 21 years old
I think this player will replace Gignac.

Full squad status:

My tactic:

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